Friday, February 27, 2009

A Declaration

I am never going to be a customer of United again.  They are the worst airline in the world (except for US Airways) and I hate them.  A couple months ago they made me check my luggage (which is now $25 each way) because it didn't fit in their little carry on bag measurement thingy.  To squeeze a few dollars out of unsuspecting customers, their new policy is to enforce that absurd size requirement.  I only know of one bag that can fit in such a ridiculous size constraint and what the hell can you fit in this?   

Also, I have/had a flight voucher for $100.  Little did I know that their flight voucher only works if you personally show up to the airport and buy a ticket at the counter.  Seems like it would be easy enough to provide the confirmation number printed on the ticket over the phone.  They know I have it, they knew the $ amount but they need me to show up in person for verification purposes?  Give me a break.  Can't wait until we bail those bastards out too.  

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