Sunday, February 15, 2009

That's How You Braise!

Valentine's Day was a great day for me - took the GMAT, made an awesome dinner, and watched a good movie with a great date.  Regardless of how all those things would have gone, it would have been a much better day for me than this guy, who notes his sorrows in an editorial found here.  He makes some great points.  

But back to my day/night.  I decided to braise some short ribs.  I've always wanted to braise something but never have.  They make it sound so simple in cookbooks.  Do this for a couple hours, let cool, do that for an hour, let cool.  Cook three to four hours.  It's not.  By the time you're done, you're looking at an all-day process.  I'm here to say that it was well worth it.  This is how it went down:

1) Went to meat heaven.  No, not a UFC Fight.  Not the Lakeshore Athletic Club locker room hot tub either.  I literally went to the meat packing district and bought massive amounts of beef short ribs.  Then I went to do some bicep curls and practice my primal grunting before donning my apron to cook.  

2) Brined the meat for three hours in this liquid (which had to be boiled, then cooled to room temperature first).  

3) Grilled the meat to sear it (not pictured)

4) Heated the meat up briefly in a stovetop filled with various ingredients, then put it in the oven for just under three hours.  This is the end result.    Note the clean bone on the right.  The meat fell right off.  That's how you braise baby!  You can't stop this!  (Pounding chest with angry/determined look on my face)  

5) Oh, and there was dessert too!  

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