Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Worst Job Website Ever

So I'm sure a lot of people have signed up for Doostang.  Basically it's a job/networking website similar to LinkedIn but exclusively for Ivy League students and the like.  I've received a bunch of e-mails for it over the last few years but never felt compelled to sign up.  Well, since I no longer have a job, I signed up for it today.  WHAT A SCAM!!!  I'd like to know who runs this thing because they are tricksky, tricksy little hobbitses.  Here's how it works:

1) When you register, they ask you for your career interests (i.e. finance, consulting, marketing,  law, etc.)
2) You conduct a search for jobs. 
3) You are unable to view any of the available jobs that fit into the categories that you selected unless you pay $30/month OR become a premium member another way (first link below gives the details)   

This was so offensive to me that I thought of writing them a very stern letter telling them that I am angry, kind of like the UN does when they give out sanctions (copyright Team America for that joke).  Anyways, I dug in a bit more and found this very informative blog.  That was enough for me to never log onto doostang again until I find a job, at which time I will log onto doostang, then stand in front of my computer screen and do this

Days Unemployed: 21


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  2. I think you can talk to Jeff Fernandez about a secret deal or something, I think he had a hand in starting that website.