Sunday, January 17, 2010

Goodbye Blogspot

Dear Loyal Readers,

After much delay, the new site is finally up. From now on, my blog is going to be posted on Check it out. There are a couple new posts already up. I plan on being a bit more frequent with the posts now as it's infinitely easier to do a post on there than it was on blogspot so it won't be as time consuming for me. It had gotten really brutal on this stupid site so it was time for a change. It's really fun to work on there now that I'm starting to get the hang of it and there will be some new features (ok maybe just one or two). So, if you haven't given up due to lack of posting as of late, definitely check out the new site. My corresponding farewell to blogspot is below.



Dear Blogspot,

This letter is meant to inform you that your hosting services will no longer be required for my blog. You served a purpose for a while, but, well I don't know how to say this, so I'll just say it. My blog is too good for you. Here's the problem. Uploading pictures is brutal. It puts them all at the top of the page, then you have to manually drag every single one down the page. And you can't even do that on a Mac. You have to do it step by step. In the meantime, it screws up the text, putting in unnecessary spaces, disconnecting words and even sentences. Aside from that, you have limited capabilities as far as fonts, links, and general formatting. Due to all these difficulties, as I have previously hinted, I have now launched a new site for my blog. Please don't call me or e-mail. It will only make things worse. It's best if we simply part ways here before things get awkward. I wish you the best.

Slightly Spitefully,


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Catching Up

So I got caught up over the holidays doing a lot of running around like everyone else. Then work kicked up in full swing immediately after the holiday so I didn't even have a minute to do anything but work and eat. Today is Saturday though, so here's the first of two posts on the day, one of which may become the first post on the new Apple-controlled blog site. I don't really have a whole lot to say having not seen the light of day lately but I do know that last night Carrie and I stayed in so that we could win the Olympic medal count in Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games. To finish though, you have to beat or tie ghost Bowser and his ghost koopas in a game of hockey with Bowser playing goalie. How fair is that? That fat bastard doesn't even have to move. But, at long last, I finally scored a goal with Sonic and we went ballistic. I almost threw my remote through the window, kind of like hockey players slam themselves against the glass in real life when they score goals. So those warnings that Wii shows everywhere about the remote are directed at me, not 6 year olds. Who knew?

Absent anything meaningful to talk about because I'm still brain dead from this week, here are a few interesting links that I came across recently. (DON'T LOOK AT THIS WHILE AT WORK). This is a bit more obscene than I like to put up but damned if it's not funny.

(I guiltily laughed hysterically the first time I saw this but have we really sunk so low? I'm never having children)

Song of the day:

Hockey - Curse This City

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

So here I am in my apartment. It's New Year's Day Eve or whatever you call the night after New Year's Eve, my hangover is long gone, and THE Ohio State Buckeyes just played their best game of the year against a very good Oregon team and ended an embarrassing run of poor performances in big games. If I were Jim Tressel, I would just run for governor now. If I were Terrelle Pryor, I would hit the town with a hot young female movie star or three before I head back to the groupie scene in Columbus. Now I decided to hit the computer instead of watching all the fights that are about to happen as the fine, upstanding young men from Cincinnati continue to get smoked by the finer, upstanding young men from Florida.

New Year's is always a touchy evening. You have to do something but expectations usually never met unless you're me and your expectations stay low. People are out everywhere, cabs are scarce, and it's freezing cold. It's a night that can either be moderately fun if all goes well or a complete fiasco the other 70% of the time. After some years of experience, I have decided on a few basic rules:

1) Chicago is cold. Don't party hop.
2) Cabs are tough to find. Take no prisoners. If you have to throw bows, or trip somebody, do it.
3a) No all-you can drink specials. You will never, ever get $100 worth of drinks or fun.
3b) Try to coerce a friend to throw a party if no one initiates. If no one wants to, throw a party yourself. Carrie and I did this last year. This year Graham hosted. Parties are good.
4) Plan ahead. Go to the grocery store and buy yourself a couple different kinds of hangover food. It's important to realize that you may not feel like making breakfast in the morning. So, if no one is going to serve you and you don't want to move, buy food that involves minimal thought or preparation. Normally, I like homemade stuff so this is a big departure for me, but I executed this to perfection this year.

5) Don't make plans for New Year's Day. Stay home. Do nothing, unless you're my mom and you got tickets to the Rose Bowl. That is the only exception.

For the record, it's a good thing I bought both because both got some good use today. Chips and salsa also came into play. Lastly, a meatloaf sandwich for dinner capped off a fantastic relaxing day. Now, after having read Ephesians 2:8-10 per Tim Tebow's left and right cheeks, the world is my oyster. Now, for the rest of my night. Do I watch the rest of The Fellowship of the Ring, which we started this afternoon? Maybe some backgammon? Maybe some Wii? Happy New Year and cheers to four-day weekends. Go Bucks!

Song of the Day:

Department of Eagles - Phantom Other