Monday, March 9, 2009

My Paparazzi Audition

As a continuance of my Thursday evening, I went to Underground with my girlfriend Carrie and her co-workers.  On our way out, someone else was on his way in.  I can't say I recognized him by sight but I took a picture anyways because everyone else was.  I think I have a career as a paparazzi!  Later, we learned that it was Nick Cannon.  To a lot of men, this probably means absolutely nothing but I know who Nick Cannon is.  How, do you ask?  Well...I first heard of him in college when I learned that "Nick Cannon is hilarious."  I heard his name again recently when he married my childhood sweetheart, Mariah Carey.  This is pretty much what I do now - hanging at posh clubs with celebrities.  That and crashing girl's birthday parties who I don't know in order to score a free well drink.  

Days Unemployed:  54

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