Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Basketball Deity

Wow, long delay between posts again but I don't feel like it was.  I guess that's what happens when you have friends visiting and Thursday - Sunday mysteriously disappears (in a good way).  In other news, the Sears Tower was recently renamed the Willis Tower, which is a terrible name.  On Friday we went to the United Center, which United pays $1.8 million a year to name through 2014.  However, they recently indicated that they wouldn't renew.  This leaves the door open to completely new names.  We really aren't that far away from the arena names in BASEketball (Preparation H Arena, Maxi Tampon Stadium, etc.) coming to fruition.  So on Friday, we went to the future Viva Viagra Arena to watch my Blue Jackets play the Blackhawks.  In a resounding victory for the playoff bound Blue Jackets, there were 8 total goals and a legit fight.  All in all a good night.  

In seeing the Michael Jordan statue in person for the first time, I wanted to find out who was the inspiration for the amorphous blob of opponents beneath him.  No luck finding a specific person on google but I say it's pretty much anyone in this video, the most notable example without a doubt being Kelly Tripucka (pronounced tri-puke-uh).  That name just screams whipping boy for life.  

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