Monday, March 30, 2009

Bloc Party

Concerts are typically the perfect example of humans being nothing more than herd animals.  Went to the Bloc Party concert on Saturday and it was no exception.  Upon entering Aragon Ballroom, Graham and I were dismayed to see a 50 person line for alcohol wristbands.  Fortunately, we did not join this line but rather made our way to the restrooms where low and behold, there was a second wristband line with zero people.  So, we gladly avoided a 15-20 minute delay by not waiting with the other sheep.  Then, when we walk in the main hall, we could barely see the stage because people appear to be lined up all the way to the back.  However, my vast concert experience told me to go around the side and take a side stage position.  Then, we decided to improve even more by going up the balcony.  This was the result:

And this...

Plus we were right by the bar and an old organ that we weren't allowed to touch, so we had that going for us too, which was nice.  As for the concert itself, Bloc Party surprised me in a good way.  They came out on fire, ripping through songs with lots of energy.  The lead singer was very funny and very British with his commentary between songs.  They played all the hits.  My only complaint is that I was hoping for a cool cover song but didn't get one.  Overall, a great show though, which was followed by a great time at Seth's house.  Long night.  

Everybody get ready for the 80's party to end all 80's parties this Friday.  Three words - Ronnie.  James.  Dio.