Friday, July 31, 2009

You know there's a bomb scare when.....

The title of this blog was originally "You know the president is in town when...." and I talked about the huge production that has to happen every time the president goes anywhere. After reading this article, I realized that the cop I talked to was lying to me. They blocked off two blocks surrounding the studio and had police lines where no cars, bikers, or pedestrians could cross, creating complete and total gridlock in the neighborhood. Fortunately, there was no bomb in the bag. The question is though, why couldn't he just tell me the truth? Am I going to start screaming through the streets and incite a riot? Of course not. He just wants to be in a position of power to know something that I don't, at least for ten minutes until I read it on the internet. He could have just told me "there was a bomb scare" and I would have gone about my way instead of waiting around for 15 minutes trying to catch a glimpse of the president like an idiot. I hate being lied to. As this is my second negative experience with a police officer in a short time, though not as bad as the last one, my distrust of them continues to grow.

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