Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rubbing Elbows with Muffy, Malcolm and Pendleton

Made it out to the mythical Hamptons for the first time last weekend, courtesy of my boss, who graciously hosted us on his boat. Got to tour pretty much everything, some parts more glamorous than others. Say what you want about the scene, but there's no getting around the beauty of the area.

Then, while on Shelter Island, which is officially my favorite portion of the Hamptons, we found this thing just chilling on the side of the road. Normally, I would never do something like this, but the fact that it was so randomly placed, wasn't near anything else of note, and most importantly was free, makes it a lot cooler. Ok maybe not but still it's funny because sharks aren't normally this happy with a hook in their mouth.

Some observations about the Hamptons:

1) It is really difficult to get there, especially from Chicago and especially when dealing with Laguardia.

2) It is truly the place to see and be seen.

3) Is that Ivana Trump?

4) People will wait in a line down the block at the bar to see a cover band when the bar next door has no line.

5) Prettier and more charming than I thought it would be even. It's not even all posh, which was different than I imagined.

6) Virtually none of the opulent mansions can be seen from the street.

7) A woman on our bus ride to the airport flipped out and tried to refuse to pay because her dog didn't have its own seat. It was priceless. And to think, I almost went through the entire weekend without an obnoxious New Yorker story. Thank God.

Song of the Day:

Metric - Help I'm Alive

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