Sunday, July 19, 2009

Roommate weekend 2009

Last weekend, a bunch of the college roommates came into town for a Chicago weekend.  I'll let the pictures tell the story but basically everybody shacked up at Carrie's mom's house and we reverted back to our old ways - Brad with the eyebrows....

...bodily injury being inflicted for no other reason than because we happen to be friends with Niemz when he's got a few beers in him.....

...and KC being under the table (literally)....

Graham may be the first person in Cubs history to play backgammon at the game.  He bought this at a yard sale on the way to the game.  Vintage Graham.   

Other random fun pictures from some great times...I love my city. 


Also, Brian and Alli found this banana on the table randomly in the bar.  Weird.  

Song of the Day:

Telekinesis - Coast of Carolina

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