Thursday, July 23, 2009

Drunken Rickshaw, etc.

Just a couple random pictures. This one is from last weekend. I was biking around at around 11 pm on Saturday night and saw these three college kids riding in a rickshaw down Halsted. Two of them are passed out. College is awesome. This was at 11 pm. They could have taken a cab but they took a rickshaw. God bless them.

Then, on Tuesday, Carrie and I went to see John Legend at Ravinia. The crowd was an interesting mix of wealthy suburbanites who live in the area with season passes to Ravinia and the people who have heard of John Legend and wanted to see him in concert. The lady in this picture fell into the former category. The picture is a bit grainy but she was basically dancing with a scarf tied around her head covering her eyes (because of the bright lights I guess?). Her husband, who looked like Larry David, was doing a sort of lasso motion with his right hand as he danced (if you can call it that). The whole thing was way funnier to watch live than I can convey with a picture (esp one this bad). Going to Craft for dinner tonight in New York! Tom, it's me, Sean....

Song of the Day:

Janelle Monae - Sincerely, Jane

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