Sunday, May 31, 2009

Goodbye Seth

So, I wrote part of this post on Sunday morning and finished it Tuesday morning. See if you can tell where the split is (it's not too difficult).

My friend Seth still has two weeks remaining in Chicago before he heads to India, but because of various scheduling constraints, his girlfriend Steph (together they make the celeb nickname Sethanie) organized a trolley ride last night all over the city with all his friends to see him off. In addition, Seth and I had been talking about doing a beer tasting for months. This also came to fruition yesterday at my place. Needless to say, it was an eventful day and evening. This morning, as I am massively hungover, I'm thinking of that thing they do on the Today show and in magazines...."Instead of eating this, eat this."

Instead of tasting 10 beers, taste 5 (these beers were sweet though).
Instead of drinking 4,536 beers during the ensuing 7 hours, just have a couple. Instead of staying out until 4 am, stay out until 1 am. Instead of eating a massive slab of pig and macaroni and cheese at 4:30, just go to bed. You get the picture.
Then there's Brad....instead of riding some poor kid's tricycle, leave it where you found it. Actually, forget everything I just said. That would mean we're adults and based on these pictures, we're clearly not ready for such a drastic step at age 26.
Now I'm faced with a 1 pm tee time that I thought was a safe time when I scheduled it. Wrong. It's 11 am and I'm still only on the verge of being a member of team vertical. Now I'm going to get a croissanwich.

I missed my tee time. Ended up getting on an hour later. In what was an otherwise awful yet hilarious round, on the 9th hole, I hit one of those blissful 3-irons that goes about 225 yards and trickles right up onto the green. Now I have to go back and play again....damn.
Bottom line - incredible weekend. Not coincidentally, I joined a new gym yesterday and am now in the process of working off some of the 143,292 calories consumed between Wednesday and Saturday.

# of NEW edible fruits/vegetables in the garden - 1 (a single strawberry)

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