Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Music Post

Before, I head out to Vegas for the long weekend, I've been getting a few requests to post a music-related blog. I figured now is a good time for music post #1 as I just saw a band called People in Planes at Subterranean, a small club in Chicago. I first learned about People in Planes when I saw them open for Stereophonics in Boston last September. They were fantastic, continuing the proud tradition of Welsh bands that totally rock out. As an FYI, going early to see the opening act of a band you are seeing in concert is a great way to find new music you like. This has happened countless times for me.

People in Planes is amazing. They absolutely blew the roof off the place. This was the definition of a rock show, complete with long hair, pouring sweat, between-song commentary that was mumbled and impossible to understand, guitars being held up to and sometimes shoved into amps, and lastly a fantastic rockstar exit. The lead singer, after nearly two hours of mind blowing vocals, belts out two perfect notes at the top of his lungs, pushes the mic, and walks off stage as the rest of the band plays the final closing notes of the show. Just awesome.

Here's some other stuff I'm into right now:

TV on the Radio - you absolutely can't go wrong. Phenomenal.

Republic Tigers - their debut album is fantastic. Check out "Fight Song."

Grizzly Bear - They've got a real folk-pop type of feel. Kind of like The Shins.

Yeasayer - Sunrise. Not a huge fan of their other stuff necessarily but this jam is superb.

Blitzen Trapper - I like to compare them to a new-age Bob Dylan. Listen to "Furr" and tell me I'm wrong. Another cool song is "Black River Killer," where they throw in some of those synth effects that used to be in early 90's west coast hip hop. I dig it.

Thievery Corporation - kind of a weird electronica thing with good beats and influences from all over the world (reggae, african, middle eastern). Hard to describe but great background music for just about anything.

MSTRKRFT - if you're in a dance mood or are prepping to go to a rave.

Loney, Dear - lots of good tunes. Start with "Airport Surroundings." Really unique tune.

Black Gold - their first album "Rush" is fantastic. This is the stuff that should be on radio. It's only $8 on itunes. Great deal.
Girl Talk - Excellent party music.
Delta Spirit - Upbeat indie rock. Give "People C'mon" or "Strange Vine" a try. I imagine them being fantastic live, but have not yet seen them.

We Are Scientists - bringing back the 80's new wave sound with a rock twist. Their debut album is also great from start to finish.

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