Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Long time, no blog. This is the first chance I've had to do a blog since my mom visited last weekend. Nothing special to report - still working on settling in to the apartment, eventful weekend. We packed a lot in, culminating in a trip to IKEA after we dropped her off at the airport on Sunday. Plus, on Saturday we bought herbs. Carrie had to go so this left me to get some herbs she wanted like parsley. Well, being forgetful and prone to going overboard, I got a giant rosemary plant, plus stuff that will never grow like strawberries and lavender, and forgot parsley. Par for the course for me.
Sunday was the first time I've ever realized the magic of IKEA. We walked for miles inside that place, searching high and low for a dresser, a bookshelf, a table, and whatever other impulse buys I could make without being caught. Here are some of the results:

I also bought a ficus tree. I believe it is a fig tree without the figs, which seems kind of dumb, but it's still cool to have a tree in the living room for as long as it stays alive.

Along the way, we also saw a number of the toilets shown above. I found this really funny as I immediately had a mental picture of the days before they put plastic coverings over the toilets to indicate that they are off limits. Did people actually walk up to the wide-open public display toilets and just drop trow? Someone had to right?

# of edible fruits/vegetables produced by the garden: 0

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  1. For some reason, makes me think about all those frantic stops for you at fast food restaurants on the way home from travel football or baseball games! Glad you learned to stay away from orange soda and ho-ho's.

    Love the furniture!

    Next trip, guess I'll have to behave in a more bloggable fashion to make the "best ever" comments.