Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Chicago Tour

So I'm way behind on posts and most of the funny stuff I've seen either went unwritten about, unphotographed or just plain forgotten immediately. Maybe now that Carrie's back from Berlin, I'll get my stuff together. I'm working on getting her to write a guest post so look for that.

I meant to write about this right after it happened so I will now. Two weeks ago my brother Brian and his four kids came to Chicago. This marked the first "big city" trip for the kids so pretty exciting stuff. They got in most of the "must do's" for Chicago including Millenium Park, the Shedd Aquarium, Hancock Tower and yes, even the venus/tourist fly traps at Navy Pier. This is Brian with the second oldest - Erynn.

They also went to American Girl Place (what a dad!). Did you know they cut dolls' hair there? And it costs more than it costs to get my hair cut - $20!!!!! They also have a doll hospital, complete with employees dressed as nurses. Absolutely ridiculous. I was there once at Christmas to get something for Madison (the oldest) but I somehow missed all that stuff because I had on blinders going straight to where I was told the item I needed was so I could get out of there as fast as possible. Why? Because I'm a man! Yeah! Unngghhh! Meat! Fooooooballl!

We ate lots of great and unhealthy food, because unfortunately, all the Chicago staples fall into this vein (hot dogs, deep dish pizza, italian beef, sweet mandy b's cupcakes, etc..). On Saturday, we went to the Field Museum, where I found out what it's like to be a rhino, or a human that's vegan:

And "rhinos like it rough?" What kind of kid's museum is this? On top of that, we went to the beach and saw the air show. It was sensory overload in Chicago. A really great weekend overall. Thanks for coming.

Song of the Day:

James Yuill - This Sweet Love

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