Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Best Weekend of the Year Part 3

Ok for the final part of the trilogy, I will make it short for Sunday. This basically sums up Sunday.

You see, this is what we all felt like when we woke up on Sunday. If you go back to Part I and look at Rule #5, our whole group broke parts a-c so we were pretty much comatose for half of Sunday. So by the time we all got back on the bus to Consciousville and felt like going out in the 95 degree heat again, it was around 4 pm so we missed a good chunk of Sunday (as always). Points to this guy though because he was actually like this on Sunday, not hungover from Saturday. When he eventually sat up, he said "How did I get so f***ed up? Wait, where the hell am I?" Classic. Here was the lineup for the day:

4:30 - 5:30 - Vampire Weekend
5:30 - 6:30 - Cold War Kids
6:30 - 7:30 - Nothing / listening to Snoop Dogg's hypeman in the distance for 45 minutes. If I was less lazy, I would have seen Deerhunter.
7:30-8:15 - Silversun Pickups
8:30 - 9:30 - The Killers

So now back to the more interesting days.....

I mentioned in Part I that I needed to devote some time to Of Montreal. I knew a couple of their songs but I really had no idea how far in outer space these guys are until I saw them live. These displays from the show should give you some idea:

So should their website. Just scroll down then hit up the interview with the lead singer from June 16. Done? Ok. So now that we're clear on that, these guys threw an absolutely phenomenal party. In the midst of all the jaw dropping weirdness going on all around, Of Montreal played great music that constantly slalomed between dance and disco, rock, and the abstract. Graham and I didn't speak for like 20 minutes because of the state of awe we were left in. The crowd was basically split between people like us who had no idea what the hell was going on, and people who were going absolutely bananas, eating up every minute of it. Next time I will be one of the latter. I love these They are 10x better live than you would ever hear on any of their albums. This is an experience to be had if they are ever in your town. Don't miss it.

Now, without further ado, the Lollapalooza awards:

The "Sir Mix a Lot - Put em on the Glass" Best Music Video Completely Unrelated to Lollapalooza Award:
Coolio - Gangsta's Paradise. Yes, that is a picture of the video at the tin lizzie and yes, that's the back of Michelle Pfeiffer's head.

The Milwaukee's Best "D-bag frat boys of the weekend award": the two meatsticks in front of Carrie and I that were slapping each others backs as hard as they could during the Cold War Kids concert. I didn't want to encourage them by taking their photo.

The runners up for same and The "Billy Mays Memorial Oxi-Clean" Poop Stain Award:

"The "Mr. Bartley's 'You Can't Beat Our Meat'" Best T-Shirt Award:

The "Barry Sanders runs into tunnel after touchdown to give handicapped kid the football" I'm a Star but I'm Still Super Cool Award:

Kevin Barnes, lead singer of Of Montreal (of Of...hahaha) throws the guitar in the air a few times in a sweet rockstar move that you hardly ever see anymore, then he hands the guitar to a kid in the front row who wore blue makeup like him and clearly idolizes him. Then, he makes sure the security guard gets the kid out of there with the guitar. What a cool moment. Even better, this was captured on film in very good quality. If you don't want to watch the whole video, start at 3:30 when the inflatable sharks and rafts start going into the crowd and watch for a minute and a half. Really cool.

The "Bill Simmons" Unintentional Comedy Award:

Brandon Flowers of the Killers. The Killers have a song that is really, REALLY stupid called "Bones" I believe. Prior to playing it, he yells out, "Do you want to feeeeeel my boooone?" And he was dead serious. Dead silence. Hilarious. I think the ridiculous lyrics of this song were even funnier.

The "2007 Muse" Band of the Weekend Award - Band of Skulls

The "Karen O" MVP Award - Karen O

The "Busta Rhymes / Fed Ex" Mail-It-In Worst Concert Ever Award: Snoop Doggy Dogg. Low point of the weekend. He was terrible. One story about Snoop though, apparently there is a Celebrity Death Pool floating around somewhere where you vote on the next big celebrity to die. The person who told me about this picked Snoop, whatever that means.

The "Notre Dame" Very Overrated Award - Kings of Leon

The "Lake Superior" Cold Lake to Jump in, even in August Award: Lake Michigan

The "Mr. Mackey" Drugs Are Bad Award" Naked Guy from Friday

The "Cheech and Chong" We've Been High for 72 Straight Hours Award: 150,000 way tie between pretty much everyone (except us).

Thank you and goodnight.....til next year!

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