Monday, June 29, 2009

Shopping Day 2009

Sunday was that wonderful, yet terrible day that comes once a year where I'm forced to take a massive shopping trip. Shopping is just an exhausting task between fighting the traffic, the people, trying things on, etc. And you also have to pay for what you buy. On the other hand, it is always somewhat enjoyable to freshen up the wardrobe a bit. Yesterday, I did this at the Aurora Outlets because outlet shopping is pretty much the only shopping I do. There was a huge line outside of the Coach store. I don't know a whole lot about Coach but I do know that these people are idiots for waiting in line like this. I was very encouraged that my girlfriend was as appalled by this as I was. In fact, she was done shopping way before I was and I had to drag her to "just one more store," rendering me embarrassed. However, I think that's partly because she spreads her shopping out over the year, whereas I just take one monster trip. I will keep telling myself that.

I wish I had some notable impulse buys from the day but given all the money I was spending, I was less inclined to spend needlessly. Oh wait, we bought a pizza stone. That was needless. Another good moment was in the Nike Store. I went to look at the packaging on a pair of wristbands, which would have been a dumb purchase as I have a few sets of wristbands that I previously bought senselessly on past trips like this. The packaging said "Suggested Retail:$10.00. Our Price: $9.99." WHAT A DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was almost convinced that the 0.1% savings was worth it.

After a well-deserved nap, we ended the day by taking a walk down to a Greek restaurant in our neighborhood and taking in dinner on the rooftop with a view of the Sears Tower about a half mile to the west. We ate the most garlicky garlic mashed potatoes ever, which my breath was still paying for this morning. It was a fantastic evening to be outside. Been waiting for one of those.

Finally, as an update to the tomato blog, the tomatoes are indeed dead. They were pulled out of their pots and laid to rest in an adjacent bush on Saturday. R.I.P.

Song of the Day: Fleet Foxes - Mykonos

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