Tuesday, June 16, 2009

375 miles and a cloud of dust....

In what has sadly become a pretty infrequent trip, I made it home to Columbus last weekend to spend some time with the family. One thing I love about going back to Ohio is driving through the country and going through all the random towns, each of which tries to display some sort of claim to fame as you enter the town. These "claims to fame" are almost always extremely underwhelming, such as "Home of the 1997 Boys Division III Golf State Runners Up." One I actually saw in Johnstown, Ohio on this trip, which may be the best yet, was "Home of the Famous Mastodon Remains." That's it. I had to google this to see what the deal was and once again, I'm completely underwhelmed by this accomplishment. I guess that's the best they've got? Wow.

Although I am definitely a Christian, another thing I find hilarious in Ohio is the churches in these same small towns that have really super lame slogans. I'm all for God, but I don't really buy into cheesy slogans. I caught this one, again in Johnstown. It's a little grainy as I had to crop out of a picture that I took blindly out of a moving car that I was driving at 25 mph (not 26, lest I get pulled over). In case you can't read it, it says, "Warning: Exposure to the Son may prevent burning." It works on so many levels. Pretty sure God is rolling his eyes too. I love it.

Spent some time golfing, bbq'ing at my brother Brian's house, which has fantastic views, and lastly, taking in a polo match with nephew Nolan on my shoulders (that's right a polo match) on Sunday before heading out of town. All in all, a great, relaxing weekend with beautiful weather. Always good to be home.

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