Monday, April 13, 2009

Man Date(s)

In my final week of unemployment, I was hoping to actually enjoy the time off, which I hadn't done up until that point.  In hindsight, I wish I would have done more but the weather wasn't great and the days go remarkably fast when you know your days are numbered.  I did, however, do a man-date on two consecutive days.  On Monday, Seth and I went bowling ($1 games on Monday afternoons at Diversey Rock n' Bowl).  Both of our performances were so bad that it warrants no further discussion.  

Tuesday, Dahm and I went to the Art Institute for free.  Can't two guys go to an art museum together without generating questions?  No?  Ok.  Well, we went and blitzed through as much of the museum as we could in an afternoon.  We looked for the weapons section that used to be there, as if seeing weapons at the art museum would better justify two straight guys hitting up the museum.  Unfortunately, the fact remained that we were two dudes who went to the art museum together....and the weapons were gone.  Whatever.  I'm cultured, I can appreciate pretty pictures.  

Here were a couple of my favorites (which I knew to take pictures of without a flash).  I don't have any elaborate explanations for why I liked either one of these.  I liked the first one (Charles Sheeler - The Artist Looks at Nature) because there's not really any nature at all and he's painting the inside of a house while looking at the outside.  Very clever.  I am also a big fans of pictures of pictures.  A personal favorite is taking a picture of Asian tourists taking pictures, which I could have done but didn't at the Art Institute.  They were looking at the famous painting of the farmer holding a pitchfork with his wife standing beside him.  I liked the second painting (El Greco - The Feast In the House of Simon) just because.  The Hugh Hefner robes and facial expressions were highlights I guess.  I like El Greco a lot.  View of Toledo is one of my favorite paintings period.  It is at least a 70% probability that this is my first and only art-related post.  


 Days Unemployed: -10 (counted from when I received word of being hired)

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