Monday, April 20, 2009

Humor 101

Another funny establishment name and sign.  For those who are unfamiliar with comedy, I will now proceed to explain why this is funny, Turd Ferguson style.  

First, let's take the name "Elbo Room."  This involves a couple techniques.  First, it is a "Play on words."   "Elbow room" refers to ample space, but since this establishment is a bar, the name also refers to the fact that it is indeed a room.  This is also "Irony" as the bar actually appears to be very small, implying that there is usually little or no "elbo room."  In addition, this is also a "Blend word."  I don't find blend words to be funny on their own but this one seems funny because the size of the sign makes one think that they ran out of room and just decided to make it ELBOROOM instead of ELBOW ROOM.  This makes it a "Blunder" too!!  Oh man!  Stop!  Too much!  Ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha.  

Second, there is the advertisement, "We killed all the penguins."  This is a type of humor called "Nonsensism."  What penguins?  Why were penguins in a bar in Chicago?  Why did you kill them?  Penguins are great.  Why did you have to kill them so that people would come to the bar?  Are there still penguin remnants in the bar?  Did you really kill them?  How could  you?  Haven't you ever seen March of the Penguins??????!!!!!!!!!

As an aside, this blog would generally be considered a form of satire.    

On another note, now that I am gamefully employed and after week 1, it appears that this will continue to be the case, I need to find another countdown.  Doing negative days unemployed was funny (to me) for a couple blog posts and can also be considered a "Recovery" (combination of blunder and wit)  because we all know there's no such thing as negative days.   However, I need a new tally or countdown of sorts and am stumped for the moment so I am open to suggestions.  Comment or e-mail me at  

Days wanting for a new tally or countdown: 1  
("Joke" - funny story ending with a funny climactic twist)


  1. I think it could be referring to the imaginary penguin in Billy Madison.

  2. that's what i was going to say, i immediately thought it was refering to Billy Madison. which is also funny.