Sunday, April 26, 2009

"The Anti-Christ of Light Beer"

Carrie and I decided on somewhat of a whim to head down to Three Floyds Brewing Company ("FFF") in Munster, Indiana on Saturday for Dark Lord Day 2009.  The jist of this magical day is that FFF sells their Dark Lord Russian Imperial Stout one day per year and on this day, they hold a huge party with tastings, music, food and merchandise.  Our expectations were basically that there would be some locals and some beer fans but would otherwise be a pretty low key experience.  We couldn't have been more wrong.  Thousands of beer geeks flock to this event from every corner of the country and as it turned out, you actually had to buy a "golden ticket" on St. Patrick's Day to even get the opportunity to drink the dark lord's brew.  Upon arrival, we also found out that even if you had a golden ticket, you had to wait in a half mile long line.  Basically, we were two rookies who had no idea what we were getting into.  

We eventually made our way into the brewery/warehouse where we tasted rare beers from all over and also enjoyed the FFF staple - Alpha King.  In the meantime, metal music was playing and we met a ton of interesting people.  No one looked down on us for being two yuppies from the city who don't know as much about beer as they do.  We were even invited to an event this summer.  It's safe to say Carrie was the hottest girl in Munster yesterday, probably any day for that matter.  In fact, in a stunning turn of events, she actually left me for this guy:

I can't say I blame her really.  I mean that is a really great t-shirt.  Regardless, such a loss pales in comparison to what I gained when they started giving out golden tickets to the masses at 4:30 pm.  Yes, that's right my friends.  I gained access to buy four coveted bottles of the Dark Lord for a mere $15 per 22 oz. bottle.  Then, Carrie realized she needed a ride home to Chicago so we got back together, which is cool I guess.   We have both tasted this delicious concoction and can say that it is indeed worth the hype.  What a day.  I can't say enough about this event.  When we got back and stopped by a wine shop on the way to deliver a bottle as a gift, we were instant celebrities.  The store owner actually asked to borrow the bottle of Dark Lord so that he could take a picture of it.  Hilarious!  I won't lie, it feels good.  Unfortunately, I think I have become a living, breathing beer snob and may never enjoy cheap beer again.  

Here are some sights and sounds, including the below website, which explains things in less than 2,000 words.  Sorry, I'm still pretty overwhelmed by the whole experience, but I at least waited a day so that this was only partially a rambling incoherent mess.  

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