Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Congrats Max and Elisabeth!

So I've been finding it really hard to write blogs lately if you haven't noticed from the complete and utter lack of posts. I was in Annapolis, Maryland for Max and Elisabeth's wedding and came back all jacked up to write a massive and hilarious post about it because so many crazy, fun things happened. However, I returned to Chicago completely exhausted, which carried into Monday and Tuesday. So now, between work, making dinner, and trying to maintain generally hospitable living conditions, we're sitting on Wednesday night and it just doesn't have the same effect after reliving the event multiple times with multiple people. Plus, I'm way funnier the less I have to talk about and the more time I have to do it. Thus, I can no longer do justice to how much fun Max and Elisabeth's wedding was. All that's important is that the bride and groom were clearly having fun, as shown above. So were the rest of us.

Time not spent at the wedding was spent hanging out in Baltimore with Lawrence (aka The Law, L-Train, and some others I can't think of), one of my best buds from high school. We hit up the orioles game on Friday night, then hit up an excellent breakfast place (at 2 pm), followed by the greatest bar with the greatest beer selection I've ever seen (and that says a lot) on Sunday for football games. On the way there, I picked up a free t-shirt at the neighborhood festival with a "Big Boyz Bail Bonds" logo on front and back. You can't make this stuff up. What a way to cap off the weekend. Baltimore baby!

Song of the Day:

Wilco - You and I

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