Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Day With Tiger

Nothing humorous to report today but just a gushing blog about the greatest golfer ever. I just found out yesterday that I snagged tickets to the final round of the BMW Championship at Cog Hill. Even though Tiger was up by 85 strokes after shooting a 62 on Saturday, I figured since it was such a nice day, there was no way I could pass up the chance to see him. I am so glad I went. Unfortunately though, I just washed my car yesterday and they forced me to park in a grass field with a dirt driveway so my car is now really dirty again. A second negative was that they didn't allow cameras or cell phones. I guess this is a good thing but I had some incredible photo ops. Most notably, I saw a guy wearing a Herman Moore Detroit Lions jersey. I couldn't take his picture but I sure as hell walked up to him and shook his hand.

Golf wise, I was impressed with the diversity of the crowd though it was kind of creepy to see all of the Tiger clones everywhere. Grown men dressed just like him - same hat, same shirt. Real creepy. It was a magical day though. I always seemed to find myself in the right place at the right time. Tiger walked by me within a few feet twice and I gotta say, it's really hard not to be in awe of the guy. It's Tiger! In the flesh. I was grinning like a little kid. I was so close that I heard him drop an F bomb when he walked up to his ball after being on the wrong side of the fairway. This was right before he curled a 9 iron around a tree and brought it into the green from the side door. He's so good. They all are. Another impressive thing was how tall everyone is.

I actually think Tiger and I caught eyes and he gave me a knowing look after he dropped a 320 yard bomb on the 11th. I know you got it on lock Tiger. Holla at yer boy. It was even cool seeing the people from NBC. Roger Maltby is even fatter in person. Padraig Harrington plays slow....really slow. He held up everything. Slow play is even annoying when you're not playing behind them. I may have also even been on TV. When Tiger's playing partner Marc Leishman was way left, also on the 11th hole, I was at the front of the tunnel of fans that he hit through. If I were hitting, I would not have been standing where I was standing. The other cool thing was getting to see the faces of those idiots you always hear on TV yelling "get in the hole!!!!" They are exactly how you picture them. It was a perfect day. I even bolted after Tiger finished the 16th, avoided the traffic crush, and got home no problem. Big ups to my man Fred for the ticket and to Tiger for being such a ridiculous golfer with a ridiculously foul mouth. Check out the highlights here.

Song of the Day:

Kenan Bell - Good Day

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