Friday, January 30, 2009

Excited for the weekend

Here is a little preview of the most well-conceived idea I've seen since the Lil Jon "Cooking By the Book" mash-up video.
Basically, a bunch of people are getting together to watch Commando, followed by Rambo IV.  
Things have really escalated but Graham's original idea centered around which movie has the higher kill count in the final scene.  Various absurdities of movies like these will warrant drinking.  Here were a few of my ideas:

1.  Grenade-related deaths resulting from some mysterious force emanating from an explosion that actually occurred 50 feet away
2.  "Kill Him" or "Get Him"
3.  Inexplicably inaccurate gunfire at close range
4.  Child and female co-stars witnessing killing on a mass scale, yet appearing to be mostly unphased.  
5.  Excessive yelling by the enemy when he is running at the hero from behind to kill him, thereby alerting the hero of his presence and ensuring his demise.  

I can't wait!


  1. What about inexplicably ACCURATE one handed shooting by the hero? Best blog ever!

  2. "Gratuitous Muscle Shot! Drink!!" - Brad